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Once our skips are collected from site they are brought back to the recycling centre where the wagon is weighed.

The wagon is then sent into the transfer shed where it will be tipped off. The driver then does a visual report on the waste that has been tipped out.

This is sent to the office so reports can be formed for customer requirements.

Once the driver has left the shed the larger item in the load are manually picked out and placed in the recycling containers ready to be taken out to other recycling outlets.

The rest of the waste is grabbed by machine and placed in a hopper ready to go through the picking lines.

Once the waste drops from the hopper it get separated into three different sizes to make the picking procedure much easier. The smallest product is fines which is used for cover at landfill sites so they do not need to use virgin soils.

The mid and larger size waste is then dropped onto the picking lines. Once on the picking lines the overhead magnets pull out all the scrap waste before it reaches the picking station.

In the picking station our team then pull out all the wood, film, plastic, hard plastic, plasterboard, cardboard and paper and hardcore. These are dropped into the recycling bays ready to go to other recycling outlets.

Anything left on the picking line after this procedure is then checked by our machine driver. Once he is satisfied there are no more recyclable materials in there he loads the waste into a container which is sent to another recycling centre for further recycling. If he is not happy with the waste it goes through the entire process again.