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Whilst the primary function of our business is waste collection, Calder Valley Skip Hire are extremely aware of the ever increasing need for recycling, so much so we have invested heavily in state of the art machinery that we have installed on site at our Recycling Centre in Sowerby Bridge.

This now allows us to recycle on average around 85% of all waste that comes into the centre. This activity and the sorting of waste streams has a positive impact on the environment in particular reducing the amount or waste destined for landfill sites. The materials we currently recycle are as follows:

Confidential Paperwork and Documentation

Can be disposed off and we can provide a Certificate of Destruction.

Demolition, Construction and Rubble

These types of materials are crushed for re use in foundation materials.

Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals

These types of metals are reprocessed, saving natural resources and the energy that is required to extract the original materials.


Again all glass is reprocessed saving both resource and energy.

Green Waste

Fully recycled and used for compost.

Paper and Cardboard

This is recycled and reused for various different things, saving vital wood resources.


All plasterboard is recycled back to origin at Gypsum Products.

Plastic Waste

Film and rigid plastics are processed and recycled for reuse.


These are screened and blended for reinstatement, used for landscaping and general maintenance work.

WEEE Products

All electrical devices and equipment are recycled and broken down for appropriate reuses.


Most woods can be chipped and made ready for reuse in chipboard.